Problem of connection with different WLAN in a AP GROUP

We want to put different WLAN in AP GROUP but we don’t know if the WLAN need to have a different VLAN and how to make different VLAN work in same AP GROUP.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Alexandre,

If this query is for Enterprise Access Points(E-Series and XV series). Yes, you can use different VLANs for different WLANs, for that you need to configure the Ethernet port of the AP as Trunk port and allow the VLANs that are configured on each WLAN in the allowed list(see the image for reference)

For example :
WLAN-1 : VLAN-115
WLAN-2 : VLAN-215
Native VLAN in your setup is VLAN-1 then trunk port config should be as below

Ethernet Configuration

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Hi Ashok,

I did what you advised me to do but it didn’t work.
Are there any other parameters to pay attention to or configure?

Yes, you need to config same on switch port (add Vlans)

So we need a managed switch ?
If we have a switch POE plug and play, we can’t put different WLAN in a same AP GROUP ?

You can but you need that vlans in yout network, so if you are using unmanaged switch then you need trunk port on your router / gateway