Problem to acces Sm

Hi this is my first post on this forum.

I´m a it staff on a little Wisp in Spain.

I have a problem to acces SM after registration.

When sm is not registered, i can acces via web,telnet etc… in nat sm or sm without nat .

When the sm is registered, i can´t acces locally to the sm.

Via ap i can acces to the regiastered sm.


1 month ago no problems with this.

For hep us, we have PRizm server 3.1 , sm firmware 9.0

Thanks in advance!

Are you using VLANs?

yes, i have vlan


Change the access from local to public?

public or local no works


Are you receiving an IP from a DHCP on the computer you are using?

You need to ahve a IP and Subnet that match the SMs private ip/subnet as well.

pc :

sm : default ip
no works


maybe hard reset it, it may correct the problem i hope

If you’re using VLAN’s then you can only access the SM on that specific management vlan when it’s registered with your AP. Pickup a cheap switch that can deal with Vlan’s or get a nic card that will use 802.1q