Problem with 15.2 MIB? (RF Out Discard Rate)

There is a very useful OID in the new MIB - rfOutDiscardRate - which seems like it would be a perfect one to graph using MRTG to track which APs are most heavily loaded and need to either be load-balanced or upgraded to Medusa.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work - I run snmpget for this OID (. against a variety of PMP450 APs running 15.2 firmware, and in most cases, I get a response of "No Such Instance currently exists at this OID". A few give me a "0" - which is a reasonable value in the morning, but if I can't run it on all of them, it's not as much help.

What's the story?

Hi dshea,

In order for that OID to return something other than "No Such Instance", you must have enabled "Throughput Monitoring" on the "Statistics-->Throughput Monitoring" config page:


Hope that helps!