Problem with 3Ghz PMP 450 SM's connecting to a PMP 450i Access Point

We just upgraded a 3ghz PMP 450 Access Point to a Integrated 3Ghz PMP 450i for more capacity and to prepare to migrate to CBRS, however when we made the change the 19 SM’s we had connected lost about 7 dB of signal and will only connect to Path B and not both paths, so we are only able to get 4xMIMO-A at the best connection so we affectively lost half the total bandwidth to the customer. Both the 450 and the 450i are running the same firmware and the power setting and channel bandwidth are the same?

Is this expected or am I doing something Wrong here? The FW is 15.1.5 and we have plans to migrate to the 20. Firmware and CBRS in the next few weeks but this is very concerning as I don’t want to spend the late night hours necessary to migrate and still only have Path B as I am racking my brain on this being a FW issue or some how connecting it to a SAS would fix this issues?

Any assistance would be welcomed.

That software is several years out of date. There are likely issues with that version, and if your SMs remain connected (despite the issues you’re seeing), I would HIGHLY recommend getting to the latest software (at the time of writing this, R20.3).

You can report what you see when the software is updated if you’re still experiencing issues.

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