Problem with 5.4 BH

Hi all,

We just installed a set of 5.4 BH’s to replace an older 2.4 non canopy BH link in our system. The installation went great. The towers are 9 miles apart, but we just eyeballed the dishes, and as soon as we fired up the units we got Jitter of 1 and -49 db, uplink/downlink efficiency 100, etc. That’s all great.

But then we took the old BH off line and plugged in the new ones (CMM at one end and a Moxa 5 port switch at the other) and nothing! The BH’s see each other and good link and I can see the slave unit perfectly well via the wireless link, but the slave unit seems to be locking up on the Moxa side when it comes to the ethernet connection. The unit shows a 10-full connection, so it seem to be seeing the Moxa and the Moxa also seems to see the unit with link lights and activity, etc., but I could not log into the BH when I was plugged into the switch. After restarting the BH several times and logging into it directly (isolated from the switch), I managed to get everything up and running. after 30 minutes of testing I was ready to button everything up and decided I would like the BH in a different port on the switch, so I unplugged it from one port and into another, and NOTHING! :frowning:

I plugged in the old BH’s to reestablish connectivity while I was wrestling with the new units, and then I decided to plug the new ones in at the same time, and it would bring down the old BH every time I plugged the unit into the switch. It was strange because it was not like it was locking up the switch, because I could talk to units upstream from us, but nothing past the old BH link. I tested this several times. Unplug the new BH from the switch and the old BH’;s would reestablish the link. Plug the new BH in again, down went the old BH’s (and no, I triple checked and there is no IP conflict).

All our wiring has tested fine using LAN testers, but do you think it could just be a flaky crimp somewhere? I am going to be trying a different wire to test that, but I just wanted to pass this by people here, in case they have other ideas as well.

******* ALSO: I went to upgrade the software on the new BH units (they are running 8.2) and the CNUT sees them as SM’s??? I did this a few times. I added the new units to CNUT via their IP and selected BH as the node type, and then had CNUT refresh those IP’s to get the info on the units, and it switches the type to SM, although it reports the software as being Canopy 8.2 BH-DES??? Should I go ahead and try upgrading the software anyway?

Thank you.

Don’t know the issue with the new BH connected to the MOXA but I can tell you that you can’t have two BH’s connected at the same time - Spanning Tree will kick in and shut down both ports.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Don't know the issue with the new BH connected to the MOXA but I can tell you that you can't have two BH's connected at the same time - Spanning Tree will kick in and shut down both ports.

Thanks Jerry,

I was wondering about that. So at least THAT part of this situation is normal.

It's OK to have both BH sets connected as long as ONE SIDE of one set is not connected into the network, right? That's the way I have it now. The old BH set is in place and running the network, and on the new BH set both sides are powered up, but ONLY the master BH is connected to the CMM, and through it I can see the slave BH wirelessly which is powered up but not connected to the Moxa. This way I can talk to both units and do whatever change I need to do, and it does not seem to affect the network. It's been running this way since yesterday afternoon with no apparent affect.