Problem with an epmp2000

Good morning I'm having a problem with an epmp2000.Since yesterday, this error has come out of me and all the MS are no longer affiliated. What could I do?

A major failure occurred with the device. Please reboot the device to attempt to clear the problem. If the problem persists, device can not be used in operating mode due to hardware problem. Please contact support.

Thank you


If a reboot doesn't help clear the problem, it may be a hardware failure. Please contact our support team to troubleshoot and potentially RMA the device. 


I had this same error on an AP. Soft reboots would not resolve it. When I physically unplugged the unit it came back up operating normally.


Voltage fluctuations seem to cause this for me and indeed power off completely for like a minute resolves it.

we haven’t had any of these lockup since we went full DC supply.
We found that the inverters, if they had any noise on them would cause issues like this.