Problem with click through on Management IP address Cloud version

Looks like my cloud version of cnMaestro updated to Version 2.2.0-r3 and now I when I click on the Management IP address of a radio it says "Unable to Connect"

@Cheree King 

This is expected behavior as we changed the default management protocol to https instead of http starting 2.2.0 release. 

Well that is quite frustrating.

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Hi ,

I can understand your frustration but this is done as Https is more secure and used by most of the customers.

Going forward we will try to implement the behavior based on the mode http/https and custom ports as read from the device for the device launch. 



Unfortunately you're wrong. HTTPs is only more secure if you're using a signed certificate and the certificate hostname matches the browser URL hostname.

If not using a signed certificate, you're still vulnerable to MITM attacks, etc.

This change is very irritating because I protect my management interfaces at the network level - it's all private and protected by VPN tunnels at the network level. Personally, I don't want to be annoyed by my browser constantly complaining about unsigned certificates.


Agreed.... Now all I get is a caution and need to click more time to see the radio's interface. This added "security" feature is not helping anything.

Maybe make a setting option to use https or http on cnmaestro. 

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This seems like a poorly thought out plan, or one that wasn't actually thought about much at all before implementation.  

It shouldn't be that hard for cnMaestro to know if the radio it is managing is configured for http or https. In fact it should already.  It's just another variable in the configuration file that cnMaestro is already manging. The link in cnMaestro should reflect however the radio is configured.

Sure, https is "better" but traditionally, at least ePMP radios are shipped with http as default so many operators leave it that way.  If you want to force a change to https also provide the configuration template at the same time and advice on how to apply it. 

This change has resulted in a stupid amount of backspace keystrokes to remove the "s" on certain portions of my network.

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Here is the template for the ePMP (attach screenshot)

"device_props": {
"webService": "2"

I belive the correct solution to apply in the next cnMeastro update is to follow the setting in the radio - as another post pointed out, cnMaestro has the configuration, it should "know" which one to use in the link.

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How about the comfig template for the 450 APs and SMs? Thanks


Please check the below community link, it has configuration file to enable for both ePMP and PMP product.

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