Problem with CNUT and EPMP


i tried for several weeks to upgrade an epmp with CNUT.

I always have the same problem on each computer.

I added my epmp and when i want to refresh the view, I have a "no SNMP response"

I don't understand what i have to do to solve this problem

Can you explain me how to configure my ePMP and CNUT to solve that.

I'm using CNUT 4.9.18 and the software version of the ePMP is 2.5.1

Thank you

Hello mettamradiocom,

You should configure proper SNMP community in Edit -> Preferences section.

After that you should be sure CNUT server has IP connectivity with your device.

Thank you.

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I had effectively a problem with CNUT Server, now i can see my ePMP and i can try to upgrade it

Thank you very mutch Fedor


You are wellcome.