Problem with CNUT and SNMP

Hello all,

I’m very new to Canopy and CNUT. I just started using it to update some APs that I just put up. I’m trying to update a 5.2 AP from 7.0 to 7.1. Here are the messages I get:

08/18/06 00:59:42 INFO    Starting Update Process …
08/18/06 00:59:42 INFO Using Active FTP for File Transfer
08/18/06 00:59:42 INFO Queue NE: for updating
08/18/06 00:59:47 INFO Host:;ESN: 0A003E001B73;Message: Checking Network Element Status ( SITE= <Not Available> )
08/18/06 00:59:52 INFO Host:;ESN: 0A003E001B73;Message: Current = CANOPY 7.0.7 Mar 02 2005 15:06:58, CANOPYBOOT 3.0, 051104 ( SITE= <Not Available> )
08/18/06 00:59:52 INFO Host:;ESN: 0A003E001B73;Message: Using Package C:'Documents and Settings’Ross Carlson’My Documents’Canopy’CNUT Packages’CANOPY714_DES.pkg2 ( SITE= <Not Available> )
08/18/06 00:59:52 INFO Host:;ESN: 0A003E001B73;Message: Cannot Determine Device Scheduler Information, Check SNMP Parameters! ( SITE= <Not Available> )
08/18/06 00:59:52 INFO Update process has completed

I did a search for this error and found some posts but nothing has helped so far. I know the SNMP community string is correct … I can pull data via SNMP using Linux command line tools.

Does the CNUT machine have to be on the same IP subnet as the radios? Thanks for any suggestions!

Make sure the cnut has the correct password for the Ap, it never made contact with the it. Then try again

Thanks for the reply … it definitely does have the correct password … any other ideas?

someone else recently was experiencing a similar problem…

although we sit on a different subnet and it works fine, I would try sitting on the same network and see if that helps

Yes, you have the wrong cnut what version are you tring to use

I’m using 2.00.r2, just got it from the Canopy website a few days ago.

You need the earlyer version of cnut that is why it would not talk to your Ap

Okay, thanks. I’m curious why they even make the version 2 packages then.

I guess it’s for the future :lol:

I found that even though CNUT would refresh i was not able to update the firmware on the SM or AP’s. I had to right click on the SM and untick the box telling to get the password from the parent and then enter the relevant password in the fields then i was able to perform a sucessful update.


When CNUT logs that message it is because it is unable to query the device via SNMP. Check the following:

1. In CNUT, verify that the SNMP Community String is the same as on the Radio.
2. On the Radio, check the SNMP Accessing Subnet, and ensure that the CNUT machine is on an IP address that is compatible with the radio’s Accessing Subnet.