Problem With E400 and Iphone


I have a customer with 02 E400 installed in his restaurant and he reports that when the place is full/at peak hours, only the Iphone stops connecting and browsing.

I have already performed the update to the latest version of FW, but without success.

I don’t know what else to do. This only happens with iPhones.

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Is that the only Access point?

How many clients is it carrying when the iPhone disconnected.

It’s not a DHCP issue or something like that?

Iphone (especially old) need to have -56dbm or better.

Yes, 2E400 are in the same place

200+ clients

It’s not DHCP issue. This only happens on iPhones. Example: The cell phones of the employees responsible for placing orders at the tables continue to work.

Have they tried putting their phones on airplane mode?


Could you please email tech-support when issue persists to

Thank you.