Problem with ePMP1000 - All SM-s Losing sessions with AP

Hi all ,

I have a problem with my AP ePMP1000.Some of the sm-s lose session on the same time or i can ping them with lots of time outs(without losing their sessions).How can i solve this problem ?


same Problem with Upgrade to 3.2

only the Ap´s with high users are dropping the SM´S!

each AP has more than 35 users software 3.2 

The same problem it's happening to me.

My ap has 24 sm.

I think its a problem with synchronization (although it seems ok ).

Make sure you set your Synchronization Holdoff Time to 86400, otherwise if the unit loses GPS signal after 20sec it will turn off till it finds it again.


Platzhirsch, the development team is aware of this issue and they are looking at it. Version 3.2.1 was just released. Any chance you can try this version?

dhallaci, your issue could be the AP loosing sync or high interference in the channel you are using. If your AP is loosing sync, you will see an indication in syslog.If you see frequent "GPS Sync Lost" messages in syslog, try repositioning the GPS antenna. You can monitor the number of GPS satellites visible and tracked by the AP via SNMP.

Chris'suggestion should help if your AP is just loosing GPS Sync momentarily.

On the other hand, the fact that you are loosing connectivity to some SMs and ping results to the SMs are erratic, seems to point more to interference in the channel in use. You should do spectral analysis at your location to see if there is a better channel, if you have not already done so.