Problem with ePMP2000


I have install ePMP2000 and 18 clients with SM180 force.Both  AP + SM works with .I see that 7-8 clients connect and disconnect every 10-15 mins .I see that all clients are connected  in sector antena even smart antena is on.Can anybody support me? thanks

Please try our 4.4-RC23 beta version.

It has a lot of stability improvements. If this doesn't help raise the submit a support request.

Just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. Firmware version 4.4 is ok to load on ePMP 2000 AP and SM's? I think I am currently at 3.5.6. Just want to make sure before I move forward. Thanks 

"Firmware version 4.4 is ok to load on ePMP 2000 AP and SM's?"

The 4.x will work on 1k and 2k gear but it's intended for 3k networks and networks with a mix of 3k and 2k/1k . If your network is all 1k/2k with no 3k then there is no advantage to using the 4.x firmware, only pain.

Eventually the 1k, 2k and 3k will all run the same firmware.

I guess I stand corrected / confused... I just went to download v3.5.6 and it's no longer in the firmware download area, only v4.3.2.1 .  You have to go to the archives to get v3.5.6 now  but v4.3.2  they specifically stated was intended for pure 3000 networks.  I guess missing QoS was the only reason they felt you shouldn't use v4.3.2 on 1000 and 2000 networks and since they added QoS to v4.3.2.1  it's now the firmware update for all ? 

Hi I have the same problem, after I went down to Version Version, everything works fine or Version 3.3 is very stable Hopefully the cambium will immediately solve this problem