Problem with firmware were can I find older releases

I’m looking for a firmware release pre 3.1.5 I believe but I can not seem to find it any where. Any help would help me out alot. Here is what happened.

The radios were originally the old 1st generation units and had the nahum version on them but I was reading online and I wanted to upgrade the firmware in the units so per the canopy user forum I tried upgrading them to 3.2.5 then to 7 but not the units will not link up and I tried downgrading them to the version 3 with still no luck. I just want to put them back to the original firmware. Because if I can’t get these to work the responsibility lies with me and I will need to buy new ones. I spoke with a company that repair them and they wanted about $400 for the ap and about $150 for the sm. I know this is a firmware issue as they worked before.

Thank you.

What is the status of the radios now. Can you get to the web interface or telnet to it?

Jerry Richardson wrote:
What is the status of the radios now. Can you get to the web interface or telnet to it?

Yes I can get the the interfce but I just can't get them to associate with each other. I tried upgrade and downgradeing it every which way even sideways with no luck. But they did associate and worked fine when they had the nahum sp3 firmware on them.

Try downgrading to 4.2.1, then go to 6.0, then to 7.2.9, then 7.3.6

This may help … p+firmware

Thank you for your help Jerry…

Ok tried that and it still does the same thing. I agree with the one comment just leave it alone with the factory loaded firmware. I shouldn’t have touch it. I would think that these large manufactors would have a archive of all there firmware just in case something like this happens. All I want to do now is get the dang original firmware reloaded onto the unit but that is proving to be very hard as I can not find the dang firmware any where. I should just stick them on a VL link. With alvarion at least it keeps a shadow of the last firmware loaded in its ram. So what now if thier new firmware brakes the unit after a upgrade and they make the orig firmware unavailable there for trying to for the customer into buying a new unit isn’t this considered intensonale on motorolas part nowing that this would happen and all they would need to do is just make the old version unvalible. :evil:

The comment about not upgrading is dead wrong. I have never bricked a radio due to upgrades.

Don’t give up yet. Call moto tech support, they are there 24x7. They can probably help you get the radio back because you can still get to it through telnet. They have the older firmware and the procedures.

If they can’t help you post back.

Do they charge for tec support? These would be way way out of warrenty, lol.

No, just call.