Problem with fluctuating link capacity

Lately, I have noticed problems with the link capacity, which fluctuates a lot between 15% - 20%, the cpe parameters are attached, can you help me to solve it?

check from the AP what that SMs RSSI and SNR are, it will be in AA/BB, CC/DD format.
This refers to both the down stream/upstream metrics.
a stable RSSI and SNR are very important, but if the SM is not being used it is common for them to drop their MCS rate (and thus capacity) to the lowest MCS rate to preserve connection but only enough to send control messages at the control message MCS rate.
If you run a 10 second link test, the SM will jump up to the configured QOS settings and if the RF link permits, to max MSC (which this one will never obtain at -75dB).

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