Problem with multipoint mode

I’am have AP-module with software version:
CANOPY 3.1.5 Sep 06 2002 13:31:09 AP
FPGA : 09110218
two SM-modules with software version:
CANOPY 3.1.5 Sep 06 2002 13:31:09 SM
FPGA : 09110218
all over 5.7 GHz

My problem consisted in that what AP-module which working in multipoint access mode working only with one SM-module
and when I’am installing second SM-module channel with him not working (radio channel present but IP-channel not present).
If somebody know in what this problem, please answer me.

Do you have the color code and frequency set up right on the second SM? How far are you installing the SM from the AP? Is the distance set properly on the AP? Example if you set it at 2 miles then you cannot install an SM past this distance till you increase the setting at the AP.

Are you using reflectors on the SM? If you are logged into the SM does the status page show it switching from scanning, syncing, registering, then back to scanning? Maybe you have an interferer close to the SM. Try locking down the frequency at the SM to the frequency of the AP.

You will benefit from upgrading too as the code you are running is a few years old.

All this settings is fully correctly and physical distance between AP and SM is 5,95 miles with 15 selected on the AP