Problem with OSPF

Guys, please help.

I have a client using the ePMP Lite for a point to point, but when it enables OSPF on his network it does not work.

The MTU is the same in mikrotik and ePMP, however, it is the only point in the network that can not set

Any idea what is going on?


Hi Zucchi,

Could you please help me with below more information:

1. Is he trying to form OSPF neighbour ship over ePMP link?

2. Can you please check the OSPF neighbour ship state.

3. Is he able to pass normal IP traffic between two sites?

4. Can he able to OPSF multicast IP?

Please enable the reliable multination option and check if this helps to resolve the issue, under network settings.

I will get the information to the customer and i return to you!