Problem with our ePMP 2000 and their SM Force 190/180/200

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At this moment, we have been a lot fail with some radio in my Topology Network. We Have two Radio ePMP 2000 and each AP have eight SM model Force 200/190/180, all our radios are working in the band 20 MHz and with option of auto-channel selection.


Occasionally the SM radios connected in the AP have lower speed (up/down 2.84 Mbps/0.521 Mbps), we have MIR profile in the APs this profile  is configurated like this Downlink 0.512 Mbps and Uplink 10 Mbps. We do not understand what is the cause that generate that our SM connect it to the AP, and getting speed very low to what we hope.

I hope you can help us that solution this problem. We had considered in to make a firmware upgrade on each radio, What is your opinion?

I attached the capture of the configuration of one AP and one SM.








I have forwarded this to our support and development teams


Could you please attach Monitor->Performance page screenshot?

I suspect interference might be a root cause.

Thank you.

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  1. My force 190 radio stopped recognizing my force 2000 radio. But the power light still comes up. And one interesting thing is that I can’t login to my force 190.
    2) Another of my force 190 radio signal is poor the RSSL and SNR eeps fluctuating.

I have forwarded this to our support team.