problem with prizm license keys

Hi all,

i have installed the fulle version of prizm 2.0 (EMS +BAM) and when i load new license keys for the AP Auth i have the problem that the flexnet show the correct number of licenses but in prizm i see 0.

Someone can help me?


I am seeing this too, It doenst impair Prizm but it would be nice if it was correct.

so what you say is that: if the flexnet show 5 license for AP auth and the prizm show zero all work fine?

i haven’t try yet…

Correct I am running prizm on RHEL3 and even though its not reporting it fine
I am still able to use all liscense however if I run

# ./lmutil lmstat -a

It shows correctly

from the command console

thanks i have tried and also if the prizm show zero licensing all work fine… because the flexnet show the correct number of licenses.

thanks and regards