problem with ptp scenario, equipment with and without synchronism

I am trying to use in a link a connectorized equipamento without synchronism as ePTP master and a connectorized with sync as ePTP slave, but in random times the radio with synchronism restarts, so I changed to PTP TDD and did not restart but it worked normally, however, I would like to use the ePTP scenario because of low latency. Can anyone help me?


What Firmware version do you have installed on your devices?

Also please note radio with GPS sync is better to use in AP role because it provides higher productivity.

Thank you.

I'm using 3.4.1
As for the fact of working better as ap is indisputable, but also works as ptp, because in the name I do not have an equipment without synchronism to do so at the moment.

Could you please check crash log on affected radio?

Please use

debug crashlog

command in CLI to check crash log.

Thank you.