Problem with SNMP

I could not get any answer of the device, the following are some hints to help determine my problem:

Manager application base: PRTG, MRTG, SNMPWALK SNMPGET

Community: Canopy, public and others.

Version firmware: 7.2.9

Model SM-DES

Don’t have firewall

I need to help!!! It is so important to my network.


You should use SNMPv2C to send SNMP requests.
I would recommend you to try NetDecision MIB Browser to make sure that device responds to SNMP query.

We do have experience managing Canopy APs and SMs. So if you have any questions please let us know.
Find out more:

We are also listed as Canopy network management vendor by Motorola.

You can download evaluation version of NetDecision at:

NetMechnica Support Team