problem with the OFDM

We just bought the trial kit. It comprises the connectorized AP with the recommended antenna and 5 SM.
I have installed the AP at a high point in order to conver the clients i intended to connect.
I have done the basic config: color code, frequency, distance.
I have done frequency scan for interference.
I am able to get only 1 SM is 1.41mile from the AP. I can not get line further distance even though i have clear line of site.
Anything i have to check please.


To get further away line should be set in configuration, radio.
Best regards.

What do you have your max range set on? The default is 2 miles.


I got the 5.4OFDM up running now. I have noticed the following:
1. the equipment works on LOS
2. the equipment works on the 90 degree coverage by the antenna
3. the 3 degree downtitle elevation is important to be reviewed if you are on a very high point
I took all those thing in consideration on got my base station running now.