Problema de reinicio / Problem reboot divice / Force 200L

Tengo varias Force200L algunas trabajan bien con la nueva version 4.7-RC14 como se recomendo el uso ya que la version fabrica tiene problema pero se me esta presentado en dos casos con clientes que este equipo pierde conexion y como fue constante se coloco el wachdog por temas que se tenia que reiniciar el equipo de manera fisica o desconectando de energia. Estos dos clientes que tenemos son mucho problema porque dura un tiempo y pierde conexion y reinicia me puedes ayudar con el caso o pasar la version para realizar el downgrade del equipo y validar que ese no sea el problema porque se realizo el cambio fisico de todo el cableado y su energia pero sigue con los problemas

I have several Force200Ls, some of them work well with the new version 4.7-RC14, as the use is recommended, since the version manufactures has a problem, but it has been presented to me in two cases with clients that this equipment loses connection and, as it was constant, the wachdog for issues that the equipment had to be physically restarted or disconnected from power. These two clients that we have are a lot of problems because they last a while and lose connection and restart, can you help me with the case or pass version to downgrade the equipment and validate that this is not the problem because the physical change was made of all the wiring and its energy but it continues with the problems

I suggest you to raise a support ticket and our engineer will help you isolate the issue. Add tech support files from both F200 in question and one from the Access point.