Problems accessing website through Canopy equipment

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

We have a customer trying to access a website (specifically
If we connect to our switch at the base of the tower with a laptop and get a DHCP address, the website comes up nice and quickly.

If we connect an SM to that tower, and try to connect to the same website getting DHCP from the server at the base of that tower, the website comes up very slow.

is it a high bandwith site? lots of splash? what kind of radio are you using?

I’m not sure if it’s a high bandwidth site. We’re using 900 APs & SMs. It’s weird though, if we’re at the base of the tower and just plug into the switch, it loads fast. If we connect through a SM then right after, it loads real slow.

well depending on how you AP is set up with control slots, download %, and wether its gated or not plus gating on the sm side all contribute to bandwidth speed

I don’t believe it is a speed issue. All other websites respond absolutely fine. Just this one.