Problems "LUIDing" on 8.x.x

hey have any of you guy shad problems trying to luid into a SM that says its in session everything is fine the user is online but when you click on the link to luid into it all you get its that stupid old film logo with the indian head and wont go any farther? this is starting to happen very commonly on our network and its really driving me batty.

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Yes…we’ve been having a similar problem. Again only with 8.x firmware radios. Not sure if it’s specific to P10’s or not though.

I have had similar issues. But they only seem to be when running different firmware on the AP and SM - like v7 on the AP and v8 on the SM. Haven’t seen any recently.


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Happy to see CSP has sprung for error movies on their hardware.

I have seen this and found out that if you remove the index.html from the address bar and hit enter it takes you to the correct page.