Problems Modifying Configurations

I access a Station configuration and make a change via CNS such as Device Name and apply it and I always get an error:

"error while attempting get initial status of device " or another error "device configuration failed using template <template name>

I neglected to tell a few thing about my configuration


AP and STA firmware 2.3

Linux, only service running on Instance 

Verify that your SNMP and login credentials are set up correctly in CNS for the devices you are trying to update.

In Discover -> Inventory select the device you wish to verify.  Or click a single device then press Ctrl+a to select all devices.  Then right-click and select Verify Credentials.

This tool will test the SNMP read and write community strings and the login credentials for each devices.  Each test parameter will be colored green or red to indicate success or failure after the test completes.  Tests might fail even if the correct credentials are used if the device is not accessable.

If any cells are red you can edit them directly and right-click -> Save Changes.  Then test them again to verify they are working.

If that still doesn't work try looking in the logs folder to find more detailed errors.  <install_dir>/logs

I have done what you asked and verified the snmp string which I did change on the individual radios. I am still getting an error when trying to update a client radio via the configure. The error I  am getting is  "Device configuration failed using template  000456C17A95_1418838365".  I went back and put the SNMP back to default and I am still getting that same error.


I also have this problem, I can do what ever through module web page, but alwys error if I try to send config from CNS server.

Fetcing config from device works fine, not writing, all SNMP credentials are still default, cnsserver is not dns resolvable.

Is it imperative to maintain DNS for the Cambium wireless network eqipment in order to make things work, can't the cns server do all communicatins on ip derived from own database ?


Stefan Martolvan

No, DNS should not be required in order for devices to download files from the CNS web server.  However, if the machine is operating on has multiple-NICs or is behind a NAT, devices might not be provided the correct URL to download configuration or firmware upgrade files.

There are two options in the Admin -> General settings page that can deal with these scenarios.

Network Facing Interface:  If you have a multi-NIC setup, select the IP address of the device-facing NIC here.

Device Accessible IP Address:  If the CNS Server IP address (shown in the Network Facing Interface drop down) is not accessible from the device's perspective, enter the IP address that should be used here.  This is useful if CNS Server is behind a NAT.