Problems onboarding in cnMaestro Cloud

Sometimes I have problems with onboarding devices in cnMaestro Cloud. This has happened with PMP and ePMP devices. I claim the devices by serial number, log into the devices locally and configure the network settings, then connect them to my network. Sometimes the devices onboard right away. Other times, they don’t. When they don’t, I usually have to try switching from DHCP to a static IP address for the device, or vice versa. It can take several tries to get it to work. What could be causing this? Is there a preferred procedure for onboarding devices in cnMaestro Cloud?

When a device is failing to onboard, what do the on-device logs say?

I onboarded three new devices on Oct. 26, and it went smoothly. I’ll check the log next time I catch one in the act of not onboarding. Thanks!

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I’m trying to onboard a PMP 450i SM now, and the cnMaestro Connection Stats section says “Waiting for AP Session Establishment.” I don’t see anything in the Event Log related to cnMaestro. I have the SM plugged into our network, and it has obtained an IP address from DHCP. I am not within range of the access point. Does the SM have to connect to cnMaestro Cloud via wireless? I was hoping to connect the device to Ethernet to onboard the device and add it to the network in cnMaestro before deploying the device in the field, so I don’t have to spend time on that while in the field.