Problems with 2x Rate (2x Operation) with BH20 5.4 Ghz

Hi everybody,

we established a link with BH20 both with reflector. For alignment with disabled 2x Operation and we got good values (-50dB, Jitter: 2-3) for this link. Then we enabled the 2x Operation and got massive paket loss and connection interrupts. Range is around 5 km.

Firmware is 8.2.2 on P10-Boards.

Thanks for your help.

Regards from Germany

1X mode only requires 3db better than the noise floor. 2X requires 10db better than the noise floor. To help you we will need more information.

What frequency is the BH20? 5.7, 5.2, 5.4, 2.4?
What are the link tests like in both 1X and 2X?
What does a spectrum analysis from each side look like? (Be sure to turn off the master and all other APs in the same frequency before running this)
Are there any other APs or Backhauls at the same site as the master or slave? Are they synced?
Does the jitter spike above 10 when in 2X mode?