Problems with 450 Deployment in 5.4 frequencies

Hey guys

Has anyone had continuing issues with deploying the new 450 APs in the 5.4 frequency range?

We have experienced the following issues:

1. High signal strength ratio (+20 db) in the horizontal range hurting speeds

2. High registration counts on SM units with a good signal (2-4 regs a day for some customers)

3. Horrible Coverage for customers on the edge of panels or between sectors (specifically 45 degrees off a panel, Antenna Issue) Do we need to deploy 6 overlapping 90 degree sectors to solve this problem?

4. Does Not play well with other vendor’s equipment in the same frequency range. I understand this is a timing issue, but we are getting pushed off frequencies by competitors with Ubiquity at the SM level.

5. Radar Detected, Stopping Transmission (again, airport frequency issue, but this has been excessive with the 450s as it was compared to the 430s)

I have contacted my Cambium sales engineer with these issues and sent in a gather support information capture from Cnut, but I am wondering if anyone else is seeing similar issues.

At this point I almost want to stop deploying 450 gear and go back to 430 equipment as it was much more reliable.