problems with a 5.7 BH

I have a 5.7 BH system, and it has been up for about a year. Up untill recently everything has been working fine. So fine, in fact, that when I started working at the company a couple of months ago noone even bothered telling me we had one. We are now having trouble with one of the dishes. It is getting an RSSI of about 700 and a jitter of 14. We tried realigning it, and thought we did so successfully. In aiming mode I was getting an RSSI of about 650 and jitter of 2-4 when realigning. As soon as I kicked the system back into network mode the jitter jumped again. Has anyone seen a problem like this before, is aiming mode an acurate representation of actual jitter?

It seems to me an interference problem. Please try to switch both ends to Slave mode and do a spectrum analysation (possibly with the newest software!). Change to less crowded channel or probably change polarity.

Check for trees.
Last Spring i setup a 2.4 ghz link across a field to our sub office
using an 802.11 product.
The trees had no leaves. However, I could just barely see
the ohter building through the trees.
The link was strong and stable.
One side was using an omni antenna in the window the other side
using a high gain directional antenna.
The whole system worked great for a month.
Good signals, good data through put, low interferance on both ends.
Then i came in one monday and the link was down.
The signals had droped a full 10 db.
The link was now just above the noise floor.
As i glanced out the window i figured out the problem.
Over the weekend the leaves had grown.
I had to install high gain antenns at both ends to compensate.

Your performance will always be better in the winter.