Problems with CN Maestro device onboard

Hi everybody , i'm new here , and i have problem with device onboarding into cnMaestro . I'm using Version 1.6.1-r10 (it's virtual machine image VDI) from official cambium site. From the server side i can reach the antenas (ping/ ssh/ telnet) i use ePMP1000 . But my devices can't onboard . I try to add the antenas using mac adreses , but it's not working , maybe i can onboard devices with cambium id ? and how it generate ? My server does not have output to the internet it's only for antennas managament , it's isolated from internet . Maybe it's need to have a internet conection ?

Sorry for the brainstorming

Thank you all for the answers and ideas

With kind regards Gedas

Hi Gedas -- an Internet connection is not required for cnMaestro On-Premises: the devices just need a route to your installed server. They also need to be configured to communicate with the server, and that is accomplished either by setting the cnMaestro IP address using the device UI, or, if you own the DHCP infrastructure, providing a DHCP Option. The Quick Start guide provides more details on these alternatives.

Hi Rob , thank you for the answer and thanks for the guide i will try it. Yes , on the server side i have networking bridge , one interface for the reach antennas managament another for the CN Maestro GUI reach over https .

So first i go to the basic read quick guide i try to truobleshoot , and make the problem clear .

Thank you very much for the support