Problems with epmp elevate

Has anyone here in the community had trouble using the elevate in nano loco M5 XM and Aigrid M5 XW? I tried twice and they do not connect wirelessly, could someone help?


I believe we have an issue with the UBNT XM series devices with the intemitent disconnections, please find the below link for more details

The engineers are actively working on the issue and the I hope this will be fixed in the next release.


Sanjay Kumar.

Please attach screenshots from Configuration -> Radio page on AP and SM and Monitor -> Wireless page from SM.

Thank you.

I was able to connect two nanobeam XW in two different epmp2000 and connected normally with wpa2 and EAP-TLS enabled, nano loco M5 XM I tried twice and connected more wireless drop and pppoe, were removed and replaced by force 180.