Problems with good link after upgrading to 7.3

Since upgrading the AP and SM’s to 7.3 the links went to the crapper, anyone having the same problem?

Software mode? Switch everything to HW mode and retest.

Use the CNUT Scheduler Tool plug-in

Every since I think its 6.1 we went to hardware scheduling.

We were running Software with 7.3.6 on older P8 AP’s.

Upgraded to Advantage with the exact same configuration and the links went to hell. Switched all AP’s and SM’s over to Hardware and the links all improved beyond what they were with the P8 boards.

We were also able to turn off Transmit Frame Spreading (TFS) on the 2.4’s and 5.7’s. We have always left TFS off on out 900’s.

So, no we are not experiencing the same problem.

I have not seent his issue either. I have anumber of sites running 7.3.6 with no problems. HWS and no TFS.

What has happened to your links? What do you see? Low RSSI? High jitter? Poor link efficiencies? Is it all of your links on a given site/AP that are having problems?

Are your troubled links through trees? Could your upgrade be concidental with the trees filling out? A number of our links that went in during the winter months have now required service calls due to new leaves on trees. Something to keep in mind.