Problems with Guest Portal over cnMaestro


I have a Problem and a Question.
I wanted to use Guest Access Portal over cnMaestro.
I configured Free Access and added some custom fields, created a WLAN and linked the Portal to the WLAN.

On Windows Computers, when I connect to the WLAN, it works fine and the Login page opens immediately.
On Android Devices however, it simply does nothing. No Splash Page, No notification, nothing.
Couldn’t test it on Apple Devices for now.

I’m using Free Access with Custom Fields for simple contact Data, so no social Login, no vouchers, nothing like that.

To my Question:
Where can I see the Data someone put into the custom fields?

I’m using cnMaestro cloud btw.

Edit 2:
I just noticed that there is a notification on Android Devices, it just needs a huge amount of time to pop up. In this time the Device isn’t able to access the Internet.

Stop using Xioami mobiles or remove private DNS setting from the phone :slight_smile:

I didn’t use a Xiaomi phone or a private DNS.
Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S23.

NAT issue ? DHCP Issue ? Check DNS in DHCP, Check firewall setting?