Problems with lighning

I have a WISP company in Morgan City, LA. In the last two weeks we have been thouhgt 3 5.2 Cyclones because of lightning. any suggestions

you mean you have lost 3 5.2 cyclones due to lightening strike.

I guess cyclones are connectorized and you had an external antenna. Was there any protection between antenna and the backhaul. Some sort of protection in coaxial cable? That’s the weakest part for lightening to do its damage.

We have had same issues with one cyclone. The normal Access Points did not have any issue while the cyclone went dead. They were both on same tower when lightening struck.

The 5.2 cyclone is not a conectorized AP but it is the highest point on our tower. Is there any way to protect it?

I think the highest point should be the lightening arrestor rod. The highest point is where the lightening strikes the most. can you put a long pole or pipe and put a lightening arrestor rod on it

What was extent of the damage? Can you elaborate it.

The 5.2 was the only thing affected. where can we get a lightning arrester rod?

5.2 won’t power up

Read the documents there and you will have idea, ... protection

Read it too. You may know what you are missing

In our country, Copper rod costs around 25$, this is around 12ft. you will cut it half, the other one on highest point of the tower.

the other one, on the ground and the 2 rods is connected by a copper wire. this is the very basic, and i prove it effective.