Problems with SM's after power outage.

I have a scenario that I need some help with. I have two customers that have been with my company for about 6 months or so. Both of these customers come off of different access points. They have perfect line of sight and great Fresnel zone. They have been working perfectly for the last six months no trouble with them at all. Until last week. We had a pretty good lightning storm and now I cannot figure out what is going on with these customers. I have went out to there house and rebuilt the entire installation replacing every single thing. What happens though is that they used to have an RSSI of about -65 to -68 both of them and were able to see multiple access points. Now they are lucky if they can see one. And the one that they see comes in at about -80 to -85. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I have tried moving the antenna and still the same thing. I mean 2 weeks ago they were working perfectly. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before. If you have and thoughts or input I would greatly appreciate it. I am clean out of ideas here. Oh and one of the customers is next to another customer of mine that has absolutely no problems I mean they are about 300 feet from each other.

A bit more info in case you need it. I am running 5.7 and both customers are about 4 to 5 miles away from the AP.

Please any ideas are appreciated.

Thank You


Have you replaced the Sm unit?

Yes I have replaced the SM as well as all of the cable the ground box the ground cable and ground rod. The dish everything.

The only time I have seen a reduction in the pwr level. was a bad crimp on the rj-45 connector. Changed the connector cleared right-up. and recrimp the connector on the power supply is all I can think of.

Unless someone has put an Ap between you and them.

do a spectrum scan on both sides… (SM & AP)

have you changed the AP ?