Problems with three pairs of BHM

Hi, I am an italian user.I am installing for the first time the BHs and i have noticed a problem after installation procedure.

I have three connections of BHs connected to the network as: “MASTER1(vP10)-SLAVE1(vP10) MA2(vP9)-SL2(vP9) MA3(vP9)-SL3(vP9)”.

All connection devices are updated by the last software available (
Unfortunately the ethernet cards of MA2 and SL1 net don’t work and as consequence the net doesn’t work. The configuration is equal for all the connections. So, I ask you: Why the net doesn’t work correctly?

I have selected 100MbsFull in order to avoid problems.

The electrical net is filtered by an UPS, however its value is 205V.Could be this the problem?

Thanks for your answers and i’m sorry for my bad english

up for me…

I would try downgrading the P9 to 7.1.4. The procedure for that is: 7.3.6 first, then switch them to software scheduling, then 7.1.4.

On the P10s try selecting only one negotiating speed. 10FDX is good start.

The software scheduling mode it’s not good.I must send video streaming and I have need low latency.

For the P10s i will try selecting only one negotiating speed.

Thanks for your answer.

Just to confirm, the 3 BH-Masters are on the same tower and are synced using a CMMmicro? I’m guessing this is all 5.4 GHz gear?

What do you mean “the Ethernet cards don’t work”?

You might try using R8.2 (it’s just been posted for use with BHs as well as APs and SMs). It resolves Ethernet lock-ups, but I’m not sure that is your problem - you don’t see lock-ups until you have traffic.

itawireless wrote:
The software scheduling mode it's not good.I must send video streaming and I have need low latency.

The latency is the same on hw and sw backhauls20, maybe few ms better on sw scheduling.