Problems with variable location info on 450b mid gain when pushing template from cnMaestro

Hello everyone, I am writing scripts for the 450 PMP range. I have ripped configs off of other radios and used and adpated them and I have managed to get a config that does 95% of what we want it to do.

The only variables that I have to change are the location as everything else is dealt with cnArcher or is the same on every radio.

This is part of the config

"location": {
                 "siteName": "${XXXXXX}",
                   "siteInfoViewable": 1,
                   "siteContact": "XXXXXX",
                   "latitude": "",
                   "siteLocation": "${XXXXXX}",
                   "longitude": "",

                  "height": "${HEIGHT= 0}"

The rest of the config goes onto the radio yet the location remains unchanged. JSONLint says it's ok (Not always a given that it will work). This config has the same layout as the original txt file pulled from the radio, the only difference is the variables.

Any ideas?

Thank you all!

Hi ,

We tried internally with the following template and name, location and height push to device is working fine on any type of PMP AP/SM. I tried on device builds 15.2.1 as well as latest build .

"userParameters": {
"location": {
"siteName": "${Name}",
"siteInfoViewable": 1,
"siteContact": "Customer",
"latitude": "",
"siteLocation": "${location}",
"longitude": "",
"height": "${HEIGHT= 0}"



There are a few parameters where cnMaestro will push the values set in the Configuration tab of the device.  If these parameters are also set in the template, the UI values will be used.  For PMP they are:

  • siteName
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • height

If these values aren't set in the UI, then I think your template value should be used.  This wouldn't impact the other parameters like siteInfoViewable, siteContact and siteLocation.

Is the issue with the parameters I listed above that are also set in the UI?  Are values outside of that list like siteLocation being applied successfully?

Can I send you the full config? As when applied as a complete program it doesn’t seem to change the variables. Everything else is great, it asks me to enter the variable info but then doesn’t change it on the radio.

Yes.  You can email me at jordan.stipati [.at.]

Let me know which specific parameters are not changing.  Or is the entire template being ignored?

You can also check the device logs during/immediately after pushing a configuration change.  It may provide more details on why configuration is not applying.  This would be in the device web UI under Logs -> Device Agent Logs.

The location will not update from the config, you have to edit the name in cnmaestro on the config page

Hi maxwire,

That is correct. Items in the Configuration tab like Name and Latitude/Longitude are managed by cnMaestro. When pushing configuration updates from cnMaestro preference is given to the values entered on that page.