Problems with Video over 5.2ghz

Hello all,
I am having problems getting my video to my software interface. I’m using Broadware server that gets and displays video using http commands from a VideoJet 10 on the other side of the wireless signal. If I try to see the video using the interface, I get an error message in the server log stating that it “got partial reply, expected 24 bytes and got 20”…however if I use the same computer and web to the VideoJet 10 which is on the SM side of the wireless signal, I can see the VideoJet and the video signal from the camera on the VideoJet’s web interface. It seems as if the wireless is truncating, for some unknown reason, the signal, but only as the server sees it. Not if i just use web interface and http to look at the device and signal. The server is Suse Linux 9, but the computer is just looking at the servers web page interface for showing multiple cameras from different VideoJets. I don’t have any problems viewing video from coax or fiber sources using much the same equipment…the wireless is definitely the sticking point, but only as it relates to the server… Any ideas?

I have a lot more info on what the problem seems to be, just not why it’s there. I have eliminated all pieces of equipment as the problem except the Canopy 5.2Ghz AP and SM or it’s configurations. The server does a handshake with the VideoJet encoder to setup the session and pass parameters. This handshake occurs over port 1756. I know the AP or SM aren’t denying that port because I can telnet through them using that port to the VideoJet from the server. However, when the handshaking occurs, there is truncated or shortened data coming back from the VJ and the server drops the session before it ever gets created. Is there anything specific about the configuration that would allow me to view the VJ using port 80 traffic and see the video stream on the distant end device, but not allow the server to handshake with that same VJ using port 1756, while allowing it to telnet using that port to that same VJ? Tough one, I know, but I’m on a time crunch here and need some advice quick.