Problems with vlan 1

I can’t tag Vlan 1, do you know if I can?

Hi Carlos,

Yes, vlan 1 can be tagged. By default all ports are in vlan 1 and are untagged. To tagged vlan 1 on a port eg. port 9, you need to disable untag on port 9 by using the following CLI command:

config terminal
vlan 1
no port untagged gi 0/9

To tag vlan 1 on port 9 using Web GUI, you need to remove port 9 from the untaged port list as shown:


Remove port 9:


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Thank you for your comments.

The problem I have is the following:

I have a network structured as follows, I have vlan 1 as voice vlan and other services, it requires that it have a tag and I want my 1002 network to pass without tag since it is my data network.


Hello Carlos,

Please let me know if you are still unable to config vlan 1 tag for the port connecting to the IP phone. You can run the command ‘show vlan id 1’ to verify tag setting.


Strongly advise against using VLAN 1. You will have nothing but problems.
Every switch vendor out there has different ways of handling VLAN 1 so it very easy to get into trouble.
Treat 1 as Untagged and use other number for actual VLANs