Procedure for replacing a CBRS AP

Is there a recommended procedure for replacing an AP with minimal disruption to service?  Before CBRS we would just duplicate the config and swap out the AP and customers would only be down for maybe 5 minutes.

Do we need to delete the whole sector in cnMaestro and start over importing from the spreadsheet?  I suspect there is a more elegant and less disruptive way to do this.

In this case we have a 450 AP that is working but seems to have some problems, like poor modulation and V/H ratios.  Another reason might be if you are upgrading to a 450i or 450m.

This is a great question Ken... we just released cnMaestro 2.4.1, which will help make this a bit easier to do. Somebody will post a procedure here shortly.

Cambium has released a new version of our CBRS Consolidated Procedures Guide version 1.4.1. It includes a new AP replacement procedure as well as some additional improvements to the procedures for moving an SM from 1 AP to another.

The guide can be found on the cnMaestro or PMP450 product pages: