Product alignment EPMP

Good morning
I write to consult about a topic that should be of general interest to all.
What is the correct way to align the epmp equipment used for point-to-point, such as the epmp force 200 or force 300.
I understand that they have the eAling tool, but my question goes to what are the steps and parameters to follow if necessary 2 people one on each side of the point. I'm curious about the Azimuth degrees and if you have any tools, software or alignment equipment for better performance.
If it would be with much better examples! thanks since now.

Most of the time we use the Force 200 we have LOS.  In this case we're regularly right on with just "guessing" and eyeballing it.  We still always use ealign and rotate to verify.  If there isn't LOS then we follow the same steps, but it may take a bit longer.

We start with one plane - vertical for example, and make sure it's at the focal point (which I think is something like 7 degrees).  Then do horizontal separatly.  This is a HUGE benefit of the Force 200 that we lost on the new Force 300 =(