Progress on Alignment Tab Issue?

I posted a while back about the alignment tab not working properly since FW 13 came out, and I was told by our sales rep in Oct that it was on the todo list for the upcoming major revision.

I haven't heard anything since, and the email I sent earlier this week to support hasn't gotten an answer.  This is, sadly, pretty typical.

Can somebody confirm that this issue is still being worked on, and hasn't slipped through the cracks again?  I first reported it more than a year ago now and have had no feedback to indicate that it's been looked at other than having the issue verified.

Case for this is SC19786.

I've gotten used to using the Scan Radio Frequency Only Mode option with known frequencies, but that also shows me our competitors' Ubiquiti and Telrad equipment.  Even an option to limit the signals shown to Canopy systems would be a godsend at this point.

Hi Ted -

I'll take the blame for support not getting back to you on this one!  This one has been sitting with my team and we are now actively investigating it.  It will not make it in 14.1.2, as that is a quick release we are trying to have ready before Christmas, but I am planning to have this one addressed in 14.2 which should hit open beta in mid January and currently planned for end of month release.

I apologize for the slow response time on this one, but I do have someone actively looking at it right now in anticipation to be in 14.2.



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No need for blame, I just want this resolved so I can spend less time freezing my butt off on roofs.  :-)

If there's anything I can do to help with this, let me know.  I've got a huge amount of field experience trying to work around the issue, I come from an industrial programming background, and I definitely have a vested interest in seeing it addressed.

Thank you for getting back to me, and have a great week!

I just thought of something.  If 13.4.1 will be the final software release for the PMP100s, then unless it includes the alignment fix the problem will never be fixed on that platform.

Which isn't the end of the world since I can roll SMs back to 12.1 for the purpose of alignment, but it is an inconvenience.

So I supposet the real question is whether or not it's worth the dev team's time to fix this on a legacy platform.

Yes that is a good point, and I appreciate your patience and offer to help.  We currently have 3 releases in progress in parallel, so there is a lot going on.  But I'll see what we can do!