Proportional Scheduler and VOIP Prioritisation

For our VOIP customers we had been asigning a High Priority Channel with CIR configured and setting DSCP.

However, with the introduction of Proportional Scheduler, CIR values are not applicable.

How can we correctly prioritise VOIP and other types of traffic when using proportional scheduler?

We've already had a few customers complaining of a drop in VOIP quality since we rolled out 16.1 and proportional scheduler to a few sites.

Hi Colin,

Data prioritization is independant of the scheduling type being used.
As long as High Priority channel is configured and DSCP is properly set on the incoming traffic, the VoIP traffic will be sent on High Priority channel.

Could you please send me the engineering.cgi from the AP to, to assist you further.



Thanks Balaji,

Email sent.