Protecting from moisture on Connectorized Units...

What procedure do you all take when installing connectorized units? Do you use black/electrical tape and wrap around the entire male/female connector? I know there is some sort of rubber o-ring that is inside the female connector, but what precautions do you take to keep moisture from seaping in the connector? Thanks


Thats what we do. Seems to work well but needs to be re-applied after the winter months.

After 5 yrs in the business, we’ve tried everything but really the only things that hold up are this thick rubber tape stuff. Radio shack sells it as coax sealer or you can find it at home depot lowes under like rubber sealant or something. its basically the same thing. electrical tape is the worst and never works, liquid electrical tape seems to work, but fades with heavy sun. heat shrink tubing never works, not even the outdoor kind. dont even think about that pipe threading stuff a plumber will tell ya to use, i think its teflon tape, that is the worst of them all


Here’s what we’ve been using for years:

It’s designed for high-voltage splices but it works so well for keeping
connectors out of the elements that I use it for everything outdoors.

We have a video coax splice more than 15 years old that was removed from
service and the connector looked like brand new!

The nice thing about this stuff is that it sticks only to itself, and when you
need to remove it, just slice it with your knife and peel it off. None of that
messy black, sticky crap.

I always put a layer of black electrical tape over the rubber tape but it’s
not really needed.

Thanks Guys, I too thought about using “TB20” which is what we used for buried fiber splice enclosures.