Protocal Filtering change on some SM's

Why has the PMP450 SM Config/Protocol Filtering changed on some SM’s and on some it is as it always was? Seems to have occurred during upgrades to one of the 20 version firmwares but only affects some SM’s. Both of these are running Both are same Board Type, Product Type and FPGA version.

This is how it was and is the way we prefer it.

This is what we see on some SM’s.

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Hi Dave,

The appearance of the “Protocol Filtering” tab, which has been renamed to “Filters” in more recent releases, is controlled by whether or not NAT is enabled on the SM in question. The first screenshot is what’s seen on an SM with NAT disabled. The second picture is what is seen on the SM when NAT is enabled.

I tested this out on the and 21.0 (in beta) and the behavior is the same between these versions. Did you happen to enable NAT on some SMs and not on others? What versions of software were you upgrading from?


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That makes sense. Yes, the first one had NAT disabled.

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