protocol filtering - snmp

I need to set certain protocol filters in mass and was wondering what snmp values can be used to do that?  I want to loop over them in a script.  Thanks!

I have forwarded this to the support and development teams.

Hi rnelson,

The SNMP OIDs to set protocol filters are available in WHISP-BOX-MIBV2-MIB.

Here are the OIDs.

PPPoE				.
All IPv4			.
	SMB			.
	SNMP			.
	Bootp Client		.
	Bootp Server		.
	IPv4 Multicast		.
	User Defined Port 1	.
	User Defined Port 2	.
	User Defined Port 3	.
	All Other IPv4		.
All IPv6			.
	SMB			.
	SNMP			.	
	Bootp Client		.
	Bootp Server		.
	IPv6 Multicast		.
	All Other IPv6		.
ARP				.
All Others			.							

- Balaji

Thank you!