PT 650 at Solar/Battery only SItes

I'm building links using the PT 650 at solar/battery only sites. I intend to build 48v system with 800ah. Normally at sites like this I run VHF and UHF radios through a simple charge/load controler. What exactly will I need to power the PT 650?


Does this post help to explain?

Power Supply PTP 650 with energy from the power grid and solar


Hi, actually we are running PTP650 Full 450mbit over 3 link from 90km. at midpoint, site is full solar, heolien & generator rometly start for winter use. customer is up since 2 years with ptp 650, & 4 years before with ptp 56500 old 28mbits link.

first link is 312mbit with 300m link, second is 52km with 225mbits speed, third is 312mbits over a 42km link. 

we use 4 foot dish with PTP650 connectorized, . system is plugged with DC AC invertor 750watt. so POE rinnung on 120Vac. we have 12 Surret 1.6v battery. controled by chargers &regulators. you can use power inverters to do the job.

in about 1 month, we will tranfarring on 48VDC over our battery. we will replace our battery to accomodate 48volts.

we also have UHF & VHF radio repeters.