PTP 250 default password for version 01-02?

Hello everyone, I have a pair of the PTP 250 with old firmware 01-02. I just unpacked it from their box so everything is with default settings. I cannot find the default password of these devices for this version, i tried “ptp250”, “admin” and some more that i found in several user guides but nothing is working. I even reset the devices to default with the PTP250 Reset Switch but still nothing. The default IP is indeed but I am not able to connect with the username admin and password ptp250. Does anyone know the default credentials for the PTP250 version 01-02?
Thanks in advanced!


The default IP address is ""

The default Username is "admin"

The default password for an original Motorola unit, running Motorola software is "motorola"

The default password for a unit that has been upgraded to Cambium branded software is "ptp250"

Hope that helps


Thank you for your reply! Yes it was “motorola”!
Thanks again!

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