PTP 250 Packet Loss

Our PTP250's have been working great until recently.  We are suddenly experiencing packet loss and drops.  Changing the modulation mode seemed to solve the problem for a few hours but we went back to packet loss.  Our transmissions  and reception rates have also dropped drastically.  Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Your minimum RSSi on both ends is -95 dBm, which means that the radio is not receiving any signal at all.

No idea why, though, but some ideas spring to mind:

  • Something is physically interfering with your LOS.
  • The radios are for some reason turning RX transmit off. (DFS?)
  • Something is causing the radios to restart. (If you gathered the values from both radios at the same time, this could not be the cause.)
  • Problems with antenna in one end, hindering the affected radio from both sending and receiving.