PTP 250

please which country code gives the highest power for the PTP 250 integrated link


Operators should always comply with the rules for the country of operation of wireless products. Breaking the rules could have significant consequences. Cambium products help you to comply with the applicable rules, but can only do this providing that you select the appropriate country, or generate the appropriate country-specific license key.

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I would suggest to click here and download Link Planner.The moment you select your country and band it this tool.It should give you the EIRP (Transmitt power + Antenna Gain)information.Which is quite helpful during intial phase of installation.Also it will give you the performance related predicted stats which can be used after installation comparisons.

Hope  this helps.

Deepesh Chandra Sharma.
Technical Specialist-L3 Networks.
Cisco Certified Network Professional.
Cambium Certified over PMP/PTP/ePMP.

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